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Welcome. I’m so glad that you’re here.

I’m Mary Yerkes, a writer, spiritual director, and leadership coach based just outside of Washington, DC. I’m also an advocate for people living with disabilities.

I’ve written professionally for the last 20 years for both the inspirational and general markets. You can find my articles and stories in such popular print and online publications as Christianity Today’s Women Leaders, Focus on the Family’s flagship website, the award-winning Independent Banker Magazine, and others. My writing, much like my background, is diverse and the range of topics I cover reflects that. One day I’m writing on such topics as spiritual formation and soul care and the next, I’m writing about marketing and topics of interest to the financial services industry. As a writer, I write about all of life.

My training as a spiritual director is through Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction. The school guides people to embrace the contemplative life, help people honor life-giving rhythms of life and ministry, nurtures self-awareness, and launches kingdom enterprises, which is at the heart of my calling as a spiritual director. I’ve had the privilege of working with leaders and missionaries from the U.S., Brazil, South Africa, the U.K., and Russia.

My focus as a leadership coach is primarily women in church and marketplace leadership, although I sometimes work with men as well. I especially enjoy working with emerging leaders, pastors and pastors’ wives, and perennials—curious, ever- blooming women who love life and find themselves grappling with second-half of life issues.

On a personal note, my website is undergoing a major revision to reflect recent changes in my life, so check back regularly for new tools and resources. In the meantime, I invite you to get to know me better by browsing through my site, reading my articles and blog, and leaving a comment.

If I could serve you in any way, feel free to reach out.