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Living deeply in a
distracted world.

Welcome. I’m glad that you’re here.

I’m Mary Yerkes, a writer, speaker, and spiritual director located in Northern Virginia. I’m passionate about Jesus, the written and spoken word, and mentoring church and marketplace leaders in deepening intimacy with God and healthy, sustainable rhythms of life and leadership. 

I invite you to browse through my website. Here you will have an opportunity to learn more about the services I offer, sample my writing, and get a window into my heart and soul. Most of what I write and speak about falls into one of these categories-spiritual formation, leadership, and life challenges. Of course, I write about other topics as well. After working in the corporate world as a professional writer and editor for almost 10 years, I’ve learned to write about almost anything!

The truth is words are precious to me. They always have been. I was all of nine years old when I first sensed the call to write. It was then that I began to understand the power of words–to bring life or death, to transform or deform, to free or bind the movement of the Spirit in one’s heart and soul.

Years later, I felt a call to use words in a new way–as a spiritual director. The image that comes to mind is one of a spiritual midwife, a trained professional with expertise and skills in supporting women as they carry and birth the dreams and visions God has placed within them.

Whether I am writing, offering spiritual direction, or mentoring leaders, all is grace.