Spiritual Direction

Satisfy your yearning for God. Discover your life’s calling.

Attend to God’s presence and call within a confidential, interpersonal relationship. Through the Holy Spirit, discernment, deep listening, and conversations of consequence, you will be transformed from the inside out.
What is spiritual direction?
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Spiritual direction is the practice of meeting with an individual who has received training and supervision in walking alongside others as they explore the ways God is a work in their lives. Spiritual directors are trained listeners who have demonstrated maturity and wisdom in walking alongside others. They are known for their discernment and reliance on the Holy Spirit.
Is spiritual direction right for Evangelicals?
Over the last few decades, spiritual direction has become popular in mainstream and evangelical churches. Although not well understood in many evangelical circles, the spiritual direction services I offer are Christ-centered and biblically based, and I recognize the role of the Holy Spirit as the ultimate spiritual director.
What are the benefits of spiritual direction?
The benefits of spiritual direction are many. They include:

  • An increased awareness of the move of the Holy Spirit in your life.
  • Freedom from guilt and shame as you better understand the character of God.
  • A greater capacity to hear God’s voice.
  • A deeper relationship with God, yourself, and others.
  • A more sustainable pace of life and leadership.
  • A sense of increasing healing and wholeness in your soul.
What happens in a spiritual direction session?
During your spiritual direction session, we will meet in person or online. After chatting for a few moments, I will pray for the session and invite you to break the silence by sharing something you’ve been thinking about or feeling. During the conversation, I will ask you questions, reflect on what I’m hearing, make observations when appropriate, and pause throughout the session for reflection and prayer.

A spiritual direction session lasts approximately 50 minutes. Sessions occur once or twice a month, depending on your needs. We often start by meeting twice a month for three months. At this point, you may continue meeting twice a month, switch to once a month, and/or discuss what is working and not working for you so we can make adjustments.

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What should I talk about in spiritual direction?
I believe God is active in every part of your life—your faith journey, work, family life, relationships, hobbies, and life’s circumstances. You may want to talk about feeling distant from God, discord in a relationship, or a desire for discernment for the next leg of your spiritual journey. Let me know if you’re unsure where to start, and I will ask you a few questions to jumpstart the conversation.
How are spiritual directors trained?
Spiritual directors undergo a two- or three-year training program to provide a biblical framework and solid theological foundation for ministry. In addition, spiritual directors are committed to journeying with God and others through a local faith community and spiritual practices and disciplines. They also commit to receiving regular spiritual direction, and most commit to regular supervision.
How do I know if spiritual direction with you is right for me?
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D The best way for you to answer that question is to set up a discovery call where we can talk in-depth, and I can answer any specific questions you might have. We can also determine if we are a “good fit” and whether you feel seen, heard, and safe within the context of our discussion. I will then ask you how you would like to proceed. You may begin scheduling sessions immediately, pray about it, talk with others, or say you’re unsure and may consider it at another time. Whatever your preference, I will support you wholeheartedly.

 *The content on this page is adapted from a document created by Janice Tarleton, a gifted and seasoned instructor of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction.


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