A Prayer For Rest

Oct 3, 2022

by Brenna Nail

Lord, my mind is tired
as it wanders through every task the day calls for,
yet I am unable to slow my stream of restless thoughts.

Lord, my body aches
as it performs its duty to take me
from one place to another,
working endlessly to carry out each responsibility
without ceasing.

Lord, my soul seeks
for a peace not of this Earth,
yet it is never satisfied.

The quick pace of life fills me with anxiety.
It is difficult to be still
and appreciate Your works.
Difficult, but not impossible.

Help me rest in Your peace,
to imitate how You, Almighty God,
rested after Creation,
to notice the little blessings
that litter each moment,
to seek You when I am weary—
body, mind, and spirit.

Brenna Nail is a Jesus follower and a 21-year-old Liberty University student majoring in English and Creative Writing and minoring in Apologetics and Christian Counseling. She is also a wife and stay-at-home mother.