A Prayer on Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2022

Inspired by Habakkuk 3:17-19 by Brenna Nail

 As families gather to fellowship,

I feel a wound in my heart.

I may be surrounded by people,

but my soul seeks a perfect love and peace.

Even if this year

has brought new pains,

Even if the holidays

are a reminder

of a dream I have yet to celebrate,

Even if I have been wounded,

by loss, by heartbreak, by challenges…

I thank you, Father.

For when I am lonely,

I am never truly alone.

In my season of isolation

I will close my eyes,

to see the Shepherd by my side,

walking with me

through it all.

He welcomes me with His presence

in reminders everyday –

a soft sunrise overlooks

November frost

that clings to the grasses,

the mailbox, the lamppost.

And rustling leaves in a chilled breeze

which dance in whimsy to the ground

gathering, chattering in fellowship.

For these moments, I am thankful, Lord.