Barn Burning: burn it all up before you burn out

Nov 7, 2011

My dear friend, Trinity Wilbourn lost everything in a house fire while she was at church yesterday. Her fourth baby is due in days and she has nothing left. Despite her tragic circumstances, her heart so inspires me. Here’s a post from her blog, Walking Barefoot in the Sand. This is a leader you’ll see more of in the months and years to come.

“Yesterday we had a house fire and lost almost everything we own including our precious Golden Lab Buddy.  Our family is safe. We have a temporary place to live that is fully furnished. We have “God with skin on” in the overwhelming outpouring of support from our community. And even yesterday as we thought about all of this, I remembered this blog, and wanted to repost it- it seems supremely ironic right now, but also more true than ever…”

Visit Trinity’s blog, to read this post in its entirety.